b. 1962, Italy


Steel rods, tubing & stainless steel mesh

Location: 414 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

The ‘R-EvolutionTM’ sculpture symbolizes feminine strength and liberation, featuring 16 motors in her chest to simulate breathing and demonstrate how her energy radiates into the world by involuntary forces.

Using a Pantograph – a medieval-era enlargement tool – the sculpture was built by hand by Marco using classical sculpting techniques starting with a life-size original, enlarged first to 15 foot clay version, and then to her final metal form. The completed 45 foot sculpture is made of steel rod and tubing, utilizing two layers of geodesic triangles (necessitating 55,000 welds) covered by a stainless steel mesh.

‘R-EvolutionTM’ is the third and final sculpture in Cochrane’s “The Bliss Project” series, intended to catalyze social change by challenging bystanders to see past the sexual charge surrounding the female body. To actualize the series, Cochrane worked with singer, songwriter, dancer, model, humanitarian and farmer Deja Solis as a collaborator and model and called upon hundreds of volunteers to take part in the creation.