Untitled structure 43 (Spatial relation after Yona Friedman), 2017

b. 1989, Cuba

Untitled structure 43 (Spatial relation after Yona Friedman), 2017

Plexiglass, zip-ties, re-purposed plastic, polyurethane, aluminum, electrical wire, fluorescent bulbs, paper collage, archival glue, rivets
Variable height x 50 x 48 in.

Collection of The Bass.

Miami-based artist Rafael Domenech began his career making works as a rebellion to his own personal history and the need to tell a story, to then be replaced by a natural curiosity about space, observation, spatial connection and time. Choosing to work with objects that not only imply historical information to art but to the history of humanity, Domenech aims to create works that questions its perception against the space that holds it, in the acceptance and acknowledgement of the new surrounding rather than a refusal, asserting an act of discovery and a continual transformation in the perceptional experience of the piece over time.

Domenech’s illuminated suspended sculpture merges Hungarian architect Yona Friedman’s concept of mobile architecture with his interest in the physicality of objects as they relate to space and our bodies. In converging circular fluorescent tubes with colorful Plexiglass and recycled plastics remnants of his previous works, Domenech creates an object fluctuating between sculpture and functionality, and that can be altered to fit the spatial and physical requirements of the space in which it will inhabit.