b. 1979, FL (Samuel Albert Borkson);
b. 1976, Cuba (Arturo Sandoval III)

Starchild, 2022

Powder Coated Steel & Aluminum
28.5 x 6 x 50 ft.

Location: 41st Street & Pine Tree Drive

Starchild is the main character in FriendsWithYou’s newest body of work, a longform conceptual project in which the artists are renaming the Earth to “Ocean” as a means to unify the planet by a name. In this metaphor, Starchild is a key archetype inside the origin story of Ocean lore; he marks the beginning of life on Ocean — just as the artist’s iconic Little Cloud has been a key character in their oeuvre over the years, Starchild is now introduced as a symbol of light, power and nature.

For the past 20 years, FriendsWithYou has been on a mission to promote radical kindness and positivity through their work, from their public artworks and institutional works in the contemporary art world and reaching beyond into popular culture through immersive installations and experiences, sculptures, paintings, animation, live performances, virtual reality, and digital art. The artists have gained international recognition through their public exhibitions and artworks in museums, art galleries, and public spaces across the world, including fine art exhibitions at institutions such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the NSU Art Museum, and Dallas Contemporary; major installations such as their Little Cloud balloon at the 2018 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, their iconic set for J Balvin at Coachella in 2019, and Little Cloud Sky, a public art installation commissioned by The City of Miami Beach; and their hit animation series “True and the Rainbow Kingdom” on Netflix. The duo are currently developing two new television shows, with the goal of bringing art to the entire world through the medium to promote positivity and compassion.