Miami Mountain, 2016

b. 1964, Switzerland

Miami Mountain, 2016 

Stone, paint, steel
42 x 12 x 12 ft.

Collection of The Bass. Purchased through the John and Johanna Bass Acquisition Fund (2016.003.001).

Ugo Rondinone’s multidimensional practice balances on the edge of euphoria and detachment. His works convey a profound interest in the contemplation of everyday life and the notion of time. Rondinone’s works often blur the distinction between the real and artificial by combining artificial elements, such as bright neon colors, with natural elements forming a continuum between humans, nature, and time, giving structures an artificial permanence that both accentuates and denies their ephemerality.

Mediating between geological formations and abstract compositions, Rondinone’s Miami Mountain finds its geological inspiration in the “hoodoo” rock formations of the North American Badlands. The tradition of stacking stones atop one another has existed across cultures for thousands of years. Cairns, or stone piles, carry diverse and dynamic cultural significance. A common thread amongst ancient and modern cairn builders alike is the designation of time and place. Miami Mountain follows in this tradition as a lone demarcation, a moment in time frozen forever.