invasive specie, 2020


b. 1964, Cuba

Invasive specie, 2020

Vinyl paint on cement

Courtesy of the artist and David Castillo Gallery

Havana and Miami based artist Glexis Novoa, recognized for his work with graphite on marble, uses his practice to critique and transfigure social and political themes. With Invasive specie, a site-specific commission, Novoa redefines the look and layout of metropolitan and rural landscapes. Mimicking the species of invasive vines endemic to Florida, the white trail painted on the sidewalk extends in a path, inducing the passerby to examine and identify specific processes and perspectives in that urban environment. The geometric guide imitates the language of traffic signs and includes traces of use and the influence of nature. The graphic vine leads to an informal trail, inviting the viewer to step off the sidewalk and explore the bank of the waterway that flows between Lake Pancoast and Biscayne Bay. The piece works as an invitation to discover a hidden paradise and perhaps interact with those who roam the city seeking shelter in search of rest and peaceful reflection.