Demo(s) Room with Entities


b. 1988, Colombia

Demo(s) Room with Entities, 2020

Image of virtual reality landscape

Courtesy of Tile Blush Gallery

Leo Castañeda (b. Cali, Colombia 1988) is a multi-media artist and experimental game designer living in Miami, FL. Fusing gaming, painting, virtual reality, drawing, and interactive sculpture, Castañeda’s work probes how the language and structures of video games intersect with the world at large. Through open mythologies built across feedback loops between analog and digital, Castañeda’s work reimagines the corporeal, ecological, and socio-political anatomies that govern our cultural operating systems. His works Entity in Level One and Demo(s) Room with Entities from 2020 depict spaces and landscapes where mythological worlds from his video game, Levels and Bosses, transform into textures and forms of a future domestic existence.