Sunday afternoon at park (Luther)


b. Haiti

Sunday afternoon at the park (Luther), 2020

Digital print on aluminum

Photography by Pedro Wazzan. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Myrtis.

Sunday afternoon at the park (Luther) from 2020 is part of the artist’s ongoing series titled Water grieves in the six shades of death. The series of mixed media drawings examine the realities of climate-gentrification, migration, and displacement within South Florida's Black diaspora. The title is rooted in magical realism, juxtaposing water as a body containing historical trauma, cultural dissonance, and active memory.

In the artist’s words, “Within the past two years, I've been exploring Little Haiti, Overtown, Allapattah, and Liberty City to gather various flora and fauna from these communities to create ecological drawings in the forms of abstract portraiture of the residents that live in these districts. When I explore each neighborhood, I see they are in some way, sacred to the people who live there. The land harbors their cultural history, legacies, and shared nostalgia.”